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SEC Filings

DENTSPLY SIRONA INC. filed this Form 8-K on 11/08/2018
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Non-US GAAP Financial Measures

In addition to the results reported in accordance with US GAAP, the Company provides adjusted net income attributable to Dentsply Sirona and adjusted earnings per diluted common share (“adjusted EPS”). The Company discloses adjusted net income attributable to Dentsply Sirona to allow investors to evaluate the performance of the Company’s operations exclusive of certain items that impact the comparability of results from period to period and may not be indicative of past or future performance of the normal operations of the Company and certain large non-cash charges related to purchased intangible assets. The Company believes that this information is helpful in understanding underlying operating trends and cash flow generation.

The principal measurements used by the Company in evaluating its business are: (1) constant currency sales growth by segment and geographic region; (2) internal sales growth by segment and geographic region; and (3) adjusted operating income and margins of each reportable segment, which excludes the impacts of purchase accounting, corporate expenses, and certain other items to enhance the comparability of results period to period. These principal measurements are not calculated in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States; therefore, these items represent non-US GAAP measures. These non-US GAAP measures may differ from other companies and should not be considered in isolation from, or as a substitute for, measures of financial performance prepared in accordance with US GAAP.

The Company defines “constant currency sales growth” as the increase or decrease in net sales from period to period excluding precious metal content and the impact of changes in foreign currency exchange rates. This impact is calculated by comparing current-period revenues to prior-period revenues, with both periods converted at the U.S. dollar to local currency foreign exchange rate for each month of the prior period, for the currencies in which the Company does business.

The Company defines “internal sales growth” as constant currency sales growth excluding the impacts of net acquisitions and divestitures, merger accounting impacts and discontinued products.

Management also believes that the presentation of net sales, excluding precious metal content, provides useful information to investors because a portion of Dentsply Sirona’s net sales is comprised of sales of precious metals generated through sales of the Company’s precious metal dental alloy products, which are used by third parties to construct crown and bridge materials. Due to the fluctuations of precious metal prices and because the cost of the precious metal content of the Company’s sales is largely passed through to customers and has minimal effect on earnings, Dentsply Sirona reports net sales both with and without precious metal content to show the Company’s performance independent of precious metal price volatility and to enhance comparability of performance between periods. The Company uses its cost of precious metal purchased as a proxy for the precious metal content of sales, as the precious metal content of sales is not separately tracked and invoiced to customers. The Company believes that it is reasonable to use the cost of precious metal content purchased in this manner since precious metal dental alloy sale prices are typically adjusted when the prices of underlying precious metals change.

Adjusted net income and adjusted EPS are important internal measures for the Company. Senior management receives a monthly analysis of operating results that includes adjusted net income and adjusted EPS and the performance of the Company is measured on this basis along with other performance metrics.

The adjusted net income attributable to Dentsply Sirona consists of net income attributable to Dentsply Sirona adjusted to exclude the following:

(1) Business combination related costs and fair value adjustments. These adjustments include costs related to integrating and consummating mergers and recently acquired businesses, as well

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